*Important medication news* – There have been reports of serious and even fatal side effects of the medication Avandia. This is a common Diabetes drug. If you are on this medication, check with your doctor to make sure you and your doctor both feel it is worth the risk. If your doctor mentions trying it if you do not take it, talk to him/her about your concerns. Not everyone has horrible side effects, but there are eyes on this to be sure it is safe…or not.


Being diagnosed with Diabetes may bring about many emotions, and it is ok to be upset. I try to always find the positive in every situation, and for me, the positive part about being a Diabetic is that it is forcing me to be strong and follow through with a healthier lifestyle. I choose to fight this disease, and challenge myself to keep my blood glucose levels in excellent control.
diabetesThe right way for us was to just do it. I went through our kitchen and pulled out everything that I felt was not good for us to have around, and then I gave it all away to family and friends that don’t need to be as careful with their diet. Gone are the pancake mix and yummy syrup, the potatoes and chips, sugary soft drinks and boxes of donuts. No more ice cream or candy bars. Our pantry and freezer seemed almost bare when I finished. We had been eating so many foods that were bad for us, and not taking care in our portion sizes. Add this to a mostly sedentary lifestyle of computer work, and it shouldn’t have been a surprise that our bodies started to give up the fight to stay “normal”.

After spending lots of time at the grocery store reading labels and choosing new foods to fill the kitchen, I got down to business with the internet and learning what I could about how to keep this in control. I am lucky that I am able to stay at home and spend much of my time educating myself, and I want to share with others what I have learned, as so many people are busy working multiple jobs, taking care of children and just basically being too busy to put as much time into it as I have. I hope that each of our visitors here will be able to put to rest their fears of never eating good food again, or worse, the fear of dying young. Many people live very long lives with this disease, and so can you and I!


Diabetes is both a difficult disease to live with and to correctly diagnose. Classical Type 1 diabetes (IDDM) is believed to be auto-immune. In contrast, the disease process in classical Type 2 diabetes (NIDDM) is not auto-immune and a decreased sensitivity to insulin action is the main abnormality.

The clinical distinction between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes is recognized to be imperfect and has certain limitations. There is, however, a group of individuals, considered to be Type 1 1/2 diabetes, who present like typical NIDDM but have some of the immunological and clinical features of IDDM.

This website will focus on Type 2 diabetes and the common sense things you can do if you are diagnosed with this disease.

diabetes_iconThe above image is taken from the Word Diabetes Day website which states “The diabetes pin, represented by a simple blue circle is the symbol for the UN Resolution on diabetes and diabetes in general. This blue pin is as important to diabetes as the red ribbon is for HIV/AIDS.

The diabetes pin was created to kick-off the IDF-led campaign for the UN Resolution on diabetes because an icon was needed to symbolize unity in diabetes and support for the campaign.”

The image is, as is all material created by the UN, in the public domain and meant for reproduction by anyone wishing to promote the spread of information about Diabetes.

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